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Heritage Fire Doors

Much of the motivation for creating a range of traditional panel fire doors has come from our experience of so often seeing compromises having to be made by clients when trying either to replace period doors when upgrading to a fire door, or producing a replica to continue a style or theme from an existing building. 


Whilst some criteria needs to be met in terms of the basic panel thickness relative to the stiles and rails, almost all the aesthetic of relevance is achieved by the profile, orientation and juxtaposition of the panel and moulding elements. 


If you need to match a particular detail of door and / or panelling in a heritage building for conservation or continuity, we can almost certainly help. The AckroLam fire door system is designed to enable the replication of any existing pattern or style of door. Make drawings or actual detail available to us and we will copy exactly to provide a perfectly matching fire rated door to either replace or complement existing. 

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