About Us

Established in 1993, Skomer has been a maker of a range of products from high performance fire doors to aircraft interiors for executive jets and Royal flights and almost everything in between!  The Principal having been trained as a furniture designer & maker with further hands on and management experience in the Architectural veneering industry.


We have acted as fabricators and consultants for fire door specimen design and manufacture to assist in and enable product development of high performance and specialised fire doors and door sets.


Fabrication of performance fire doors has long been part of our expertise, across contracts such as Hong Kong Airport, Museum of Scotland and Terminal Two Heathrow.


We are now pleased to offer, for the first time under our own AckroLam brand name, a range of timber-based fire doors ranging from half hour to two hour fire resistance, tested to both BS and EN standards.  Available in traditional panel or contemporary flush door design.

Our Facilities

Skomer in the UK

Situated in Hitchin, Hertfordshire we operate approximately 8700 ft   as a manufacturing and warehouse facility, equipped to produce in house everything you see on this website.  In fact, all that we offer we produce in house.

We can provide CAD drawings as part of the Order processing procedure for approval to ensure that the final product supplied is as expected. 

Skomer Polska

The background... We believe that good product is made by good people.


Working with us here in Hitchin have been two key people, a Husband and Wife team who were our Works and Office managers.


They needed to return to their native Poland, so in an effort to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one, we have opened a subsidiary company there.  They run a 10,000 ft   Factory in Zagorow, central Poland which can also produce everything that is offered on this website. 



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