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A non fire rated range of Panel doors made from a lamination of various sheet materials, Particleboard, MDF, blockboard, Laminboard and solid wood sections, creating a solid high quality internal door, offered in exactly the same way as the AckroLam Panel door and visually identical with a choice of thicknesses of 38 and 44mm.

The use of manufactured sheet materials is the most environmentally efficient and effective use of the natural renewable resource that is wood.  ‘Eco’ alluding to both ecological and economical.  



External Doors


A Range of External Panel doors again made in the same way using plywood and external Tricoya MDF for fully external applications and moisture resistant MDF for semi exposed.


For clear finish in natural timbers, solid wood and natural veneers will also be used in the construction producing a superb quality external door combining durability, fine aesthetics and security to PAS 24 requirements.

Traditional Joinery doors


Whilst the AckroLamEcoLam and EcoGuard door ranges have been developed to provide solutions for specific applications, we are of course able to produce quality all solid wood joinery doors in the traditional way.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements 

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