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Beautiful doors enhance any building. They compliment an interior design concept and amplify an architectural statement.

A good Fire Door will help save a building and help save a life.

At Skomer we have such a range of doors which combine fine aesthetic qualities with high levels of fire resistance and functionality, providing options for clients, architects, interior designers and contractors. 

AckroLam Doors - The Concept




A laminated timber-based sandwich construction, using a combination of solid timbers, Particleboard and MDF, with non-combustible inter-layers creating a door with excellent fire resistance. 


Along with the appropriate mix of materials, the key to the exceptional fire resistance in the construction of the AckroLam doorblank is the use of our own AckroBond adhesive. Water based, non toxic and formaldehyde free.  It outperforms conventional adhesives, enabling high levels of fire resistance to be achieved with a thinner door. 


It provides a step change in the construction and fire resistance of both flush and panel doors. 


All AckroLam flush doors are sold as doorsets or door assemblies, complete with AckroFrame, a laminated construction using the same mix of materials as the door, enabling a higher level of fire resistance than could be achieved when using a conventional timber doorframe.

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